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04 五月, 2009

10 reasons for study German (translated by Google)


Whatever plans you have for your future may be, with a knowledge of German you can create infinite possibilities. German to learn means to acquire skills with which your professional and private life can improve:

In business life: Communication in German with your German business partners leads to better business relationships and thereby contribute to greater opportunities for effective communication - and thus to succeed.

A global career with German know-how to improve your professional opportunities with German companies in your own country and in other countries. Good knowledge of German to make a productive employee / employee for an employer with global business relationships.

Tourism and hotel industry: tourists from German-speaking countries to travel much and far, they give more money on holidays than tourists from other countries. They are happy to German and German-speaking staff guidebooks pampered.

Picture Economics and Research: German is the second language of science. Germany stands with his contribution to research and development in third place in the world and awards fellowships to foreign scientists.

Communications: The developments in the field of media, information and com -
nology make multilingual communication. A number of important web pages is in German. Every tenth book will be printed in German. Your German skills enable you to widen access to information.

Cultural understanding: to learn German is to gain an insight into the lives, hopes and dreams of people in German speaking countries with their multi-cultural society.

Journeys: Deepening with your German skills your travel experiences not only in the German-speaking countries, but in other European countries, especially in Eastern Europe.

Visual Media enjoyment of literature, music, art and philosophy: German is the language of Goethe, Kafka, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Deepen the enjoyment of reading and / or listening to their works in their original language.

Image studies teaching and job opportunities in Germany: Germany awards a large number of scholarships to study in Germany. For young foreigners, there are special working holiday visas, and for certain professions, there is Sonderbestim - tion for a work permit.

exchange economy: There are agreements for students and student exchange between Germany and many countries around the world.





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