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16 四月, 2009

15 Best websites where you can find Free eBooks « 15 Best websites where you can find Free eBooks

15 Best websites where you can find Free eBooks « 15 Best websites where you can find Free eBooks: "15 Best websites where you can find Free eBooks"

From ancient times, libraries are the places where people go to find and read books. Now, in this modern age, there are ebooks that you can view and read on your computer screen. You can sit at your home and read books, listen to, trade or borrow books using websites.

There are plenty of directories that host free ebooks that you can legally download and read at your home. But, there are some grey sites (black sites) that violate the copyright law where people share their ebook collection for others (I am not talking about the Peer-to-Peer sharing over computers which is a different world).

You need to be wise to choose what you want to read and what you want to skip based on your ethical values. But, here are some of the best collection of websites that every book lover would love. And yea, these are ebooks that are virtual - so, nothing beats the real feel of reading a book on a sunny afternoon sitting in a beach.

10 Best Websites for Booklovers

1. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a repository of all the free texts that are in the public domain. It is the Internet’s oldest web portal that stocks the largest colelction of FREE electronic books that you can use legally. Billions of volunteers from all over the world scan, create, proof-read, edit and maintain this ebook collection. You can download the entire collection or individual books as a plain txt file.

2. eSnips

eSnips is a place for sharing ebooks, mp3 songs, photographs or paintings. You can list your creations for free or set a price and sell them here. eSnips is really a grown market place. You can download the books as individual pdf files. Also, you can find some good quality audio books when you search site with “audio book”.

3. Scribd

Scribd is another document sharing
website where people share lots of their e-books. This is the coolest document sharing web service that you may ever come across. You can download the ebooks in various formats such as .doc, .pdf or plain text files.

4. WikiBooks

WikiBooks is another project from the creators of Wikipedia. Like Project Gutenberg, this is also a free collection of e-texts created by volunteers all over the world. The books are available in various international languages. You may use these texts in your creations as long as you credit the source properly (Always check the license before you use).

5. Full Books

Full Books lists thousands of free text books neatly arranged alphabetically. You can only read online, but you can copy and paste page-by-page which is a tedious task if a book

6. Wiretap

Wiretap, just like Project Gutenberg, is another probably the single useful gopher resource remaining on the Internet. They plan to be considerably expanding our offerings in the near future. More books, more authors are coming soon.

7. Free Classic Audiobooks

Free Classic Audiobooks is a place where you can download or listen to audiobooks. The files are available as .mp3 or .mp4 and you can directly download to your iPods or mp3 player for free.

8. Digital Classics

Digital Classics Zinio is a place where you can browse and read books and magazines for free. The books appear as it is leather-bound and you can turn pages and read them at your own pace.

9. Read Print

ReadPrint is a free online library. It lists thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. It includes poems and articles on various topics.

10. Planet eBook

Planet eBook is the home of free classic literature. All the novels and books are entirely free for you to download and share.

Five Bonus Sites: Chicken Soup for Booklover’s Soul

Read at Work is a site which will allow you to books at work. Your boss when walks past will think that you are actually work on the official presentation. Cool trick, right? See it to believe it.

BookCrossing is a the most popular book sharing site. People exchange books for free and these clubs exist in almost every city in the world. People drop books at designated places and log that in the bookcrossing website, some others pick it up, read and then pass it on. It is all free.

BookMooch is a place where you can trade books. Yea, you post a book to a BookMooch user and you will get a book that you like from another user. You have to send out at least 1 book for every 2 you receive. If you don’t keep this ratio up, you won’t be able to mooch any books, even if you have the points, until you improve your ratio. Sending internationally counts as 3 books.





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